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I met Flavia on Skype because I wasn’t able to visit her consultation due to my tiny schedule. I was amazed how comfortable Flavia made me feel in an internet consultation. Two days after my consultation I received my remedies and after two weeks I started feeling the results. I truly recommend Flavia, she is professional, honest, caring and supportive. Thank you Flavia for your kindness.
Female (28) - London/ UK
October/ 2017

I had the good fortune to have met Flavia in 2014 when I would say I was at my lowest in terms of my health and my emotions. I had an overactive thyroid, fibroids, heavy periods, with pain both before and during the period, as well as night sweats. Within three months of starting homeopathic treatment my sweats had stopped, I no longer needed to take my thyroid medication and my periods now came unannounced.
When I learnt Flavia was a Reiki master I started Reiki therapy. Flavia changed my life both physically and emotionally, I'm forever grateful. Professional, approachable, genuine, kind and caring.
Thank you Flavia!
Female (39) - London/UK

Flavia has treated me in the last 2 years, and she has helped me with my uncontrolled stress and my hormones. Presently, I'm in maintenance consultations which are each 3 months, and I don't have stress issues and irregular painful periods since the last year of treatment. I huge recommend her as a homeopath, she has changed my life for better. Thank you Flavia!
Female (32) - London/UK

I came to her consultation to try natural therapies because I had not hope left. I am still in treatment, and on the first month, I have already had amazing results. I will keep up with natural therapies because my hope is back, and I need to thank you Flavia for that.
Female (44) - London/UK

I used to have enormous worries about everything. After one year treatment, I'm back to normal with no fears or worries without reason. With her, I have understood what is homeopathy and how it works, and I can affirm that homepathy has worked for me. Thanks my favorite therapist.
Male (56) - Barcelona/Spain

In 2014 I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was a hard time for me but I could not do better without Flavia. Her patience and generosity guided me through that hard moment. With homeopathy, she helped my emotional state to come back to normal. Every 3 or 4 months, my consultations are via Skype and it is very helpful for who does not have much time. Thank you Flavia.
Female (63) - Barcelona-Spain

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