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Bach Flower Remedies, emotional well-being

Bach Flower is a natural system that works exclusively on an emotional level, helping to prevent negative states of mind and restore emotional balance. The healing on an emotional level affects other levels; therefore, a healthy emotional state allows the body to find its own natural state of health.

After each consultation and based on individual needs, the practitioner will select the most appropriate Bach Flower remedy to restore unstable emotions to a healthy emotional state.

Bach Flower remedies are made from natural plant materials, natural flower heads and spring water, which are non-toxics and free from side-effects.

Click here to watch a video about Dr Edward Bach and his system of Flower Remedies

Bach Flower consultations

Bach Flower consultations are one hour, taking place once a month, and the treatments may have a duration between four to six months, depending on each patient's needs.

At the end of each consultation, the indicated Bach Flower remedies will be prescribed to the patient

£80 for an hour consultation including Bach Flower remedies at the end of each consultation

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Membership and registration

Bach Flower practitioners must have Professional Liability Insurance and be a member of a recognised organisation that confirms the professionalism and credibility of their members' practitioners.
You can feel safe in the knowledge I am a fully insured registered member of The Bach Centre.

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BE CONSCIOUS: Bach Flower remedies do not replace your regular visit to your GP nor any medical treatments specified by your medical doctor.

"All we have to do is to find what is wrong with our nature and to take the herb which corresponds to this" - Dr Edward Bach

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