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Flavia is wonderful! My menopause started around 49 years old, and I wasn't myself. When I met Flavia, it was a relief to know that I wasn't alone and that the symptoms could be reduced. We did tests, which I have to say, I learnt so much; Flavia has an amazing way of making easy what is difficult. Every test was like a master class to understand my hormones and how my body works.
My symptoms started reducing after 4-6 months, and a year after, I am almost symptoms free. My mood has improved, I lost weight, and I'm not anxious anymore. Flavia really knows about natural therapies, and I'm pleased to have met her; today, I'm a happier person.

BL- Female (52) London-UK
May 2022

Thank you, thank you and thank you! So happy to have met Flavia; she is gentle and kind and helped me with my IBS. It was a long journey, but after 18 months of working with Flavia, I'm IBS free. I had IBS for more than 5 years, and if Flavia could help me, sure, she can help you. Flavia does not use only diet, she has a huge knowledge about supplements, homeopathy and herbs, and I used all of them, and the results were more than good.
I can't wait to start my new stage, healthy eating, but from now on, it is not focused on IBS.

DK - Female (34) London-UK
February 2022


I tried all diets for many years, and none worked. Well, they did for a short time and after, I just put weight back on. My friend, who looks fabulous, after finding Flavia, introduced me to her. In the first month, I lost almost a stone, but I wasn't impressed as I knew a few months later that I would put back on the stone lost. Surprisingly, after 4 months, I lost half a stone more. I've been with Flavia for almost a year, and I am so happy that I will have a Christmas in the dress I've chosen and not the dress that fits me.
It wasn't an easy ride, but worth it. Flavia is gentle, caring and the most important, supportive. She will never give up on you, and she will educate you, how she says. I've learnt so much, and now I know what is to eat healthily and what is not.
I wanted to share my experience with you 'cause after so many years trying, Flavia was the one who gave me the results I wished for, then she will do it for you too.
Thank you, Flavia, my dress is stunning! :)

MT - Female (46) London-UK
November 2021

Really happy with Flavia. I came to her as I was despaired to gain weight and she just did it. She helped me to understand my body and how to eat healthier.
In the beginning, I was sceptical to gain weight on a vegan diet, but it worked and my journey was amazing.
Today, I am 5 kilos more and 8 months ago I became a full-time vegan.
Flavia, you are incredible!

BR - Male (26) London-UK
October 2021


Flavia is AMAZING. She talked to me and understood everything, saw my concerns before I told her, and gave me a couple of supplements (without overwhelming me). I’m coming back next month for my fifty follow-up visits. Really happy with the experience and to have e-met Flavia, she’s super knowledgable and explained so much and gave me recommendations on books and websites. SUPER HAPPY! Really recommend.

A Shan - Female (31) - London-UK
Nov 2020

I’ve been working with Flavia over a year and she is an absolute star. Knowledgeable, supportive and friendly.
Thank you Flavia :D

PC - Female (24) Sussex-UK
May 2020

Just Brilliant!!
I have no words to describe how Flavia has helped me during the last few years. Her generosity, compassion, experience, empathy are just a few qualities among many others that she has.
It was a long and not easy run, however, I don't take antidepressants for about 6 months and I feel amazing!
Flavia was with me all the way, side by side and she always said: "you can, and will". Today, she says: "you can, and you did"

Thank you Flavia, you are more than a therapist.

K Roberts - Female (38) - London-UK
Feb 2020


Surprisingly impressed with the results. When I first came to Flavia, I was skeptical and didn't give much importance on the first two consultations and left the second consultation saying that I wouldn't come back as no results have been experiencing. How wrong I was.
Today, I complete one year seeing Flavia and decided to share my experience as I know I can help someone.
I had chronic fatigue and gut problems, mostly IBS, and after 6 months I was a completely different person, happier, healthier and kinder. Flavia is a such good professional, she is able to turn you upside down and you won't realised it. She has thought me many many things, her knowledge and kindness are fascinating.
If I could heal myself, you also can. Give you an opportunity and come to see Flavia.

R Marconi - Male (36) - London-UK
Dec 2019

Flavia helped me in a very low period of my life which was full of doubts and bad feelings. Through Reiki she helped me to learn how to shut off my brain as I’m an over-thinker (still working on it though) also helped me to get back my priorities and be happy. I really recommend her services.
Thanks a lot Flavia xx

S Argiolas - Female (34) - London-UK
May 2019

When I found Flavia a number of months ago, I was lost, in physical and mental pain and aimlessly surviving rather than living life. Whilst this may appear a dramatic statement to others, I can truly say working with Flavia has saved my life. Unsurprisingly, I was SO unbalanced at the start - each and every one of my chakras was closed and it has taken an enormous amount of 1:1 and individual work to turn this around and have a fresh perspective on life. The shift from merely surviving to living with in the present moment with hope and meaning is precisely why I say this! What you get from Flavia is way more than functional/professional knowledge, she has compassion and is also fully committed to the journey. Not once did I feel that I was just another customer in her diary, her humane approach is what you would expect but not always what we get in the healing profession.

In short, my reality is that I was woefully unfulfilled, irritable with a range of psychological blockers. Whilst life will continue to provide its share of ups and downs, I am now better equipped to deal with it. My physical pain and gastrointestinal disorders have gone, this is after them ruling my life for years. I can truly say that I needed to have what I refer to as this ‘breakdown’ in order to have the ‘breakthrough’ that I collaborated with Flavia on. I’m truly grateful for her dedication, no-nonsense approach and actually giving a damn about each and every patient that walks through her door.

My journey continues BUT I’m in a far better place than I was before seeing Flavia. Life is for living, if you want to make a shift in your mind and body, go and see Flavia. If she can get such good results with me, then she can get them with you too!

B.Thompson - Female (48) - London/UK
April 2019


I have found Flavia on my healthcare insurance provider website and I am really glad I did book my first appointment at the time. Since our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable and able to talk about things that bothered me but I would have not shared with anybody else.I had so many insecurities, fears, was holding on to my past a lot, lost the joy of life but homeopathy really has balanced me up and I started enjoying life again. After taking the remedies and implementing lifestyle changes suggested by Flavia my overall physical well-being has improved significantly. She is very professional and has become a true friend you can always turn to. Thank you, Flavia.

RR - Female (27) - London/UK
November 2018

I had been experiencing the symptoms attributed to chronic low-grade depression for a considerable period of time when a close friend recommended Flavia to me towards the end of last year. From the very first moment that she introduced herself I felt an instant calm descend offering an assurance and a trust which subsequently created a basis on which to move forward together. I have since undertaken a combined series of homeopathic consultations and Reiki treatments which have successfully restored my physical and emotional well-being. My gratitude to Flavia is heartfelt. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable whilst her ability to pour just a modicum of sunshine into the most darkest of rooms remains a precious gift. Thank you Flavia. All the love.

Jonathan G P - Male (52) - London/UK
May 2018

I was introduced to Flavia by a friend 2017. I was at a very low part in my life. I was unable to sleep more than 4 hours & I was going through the menopause, hot flushes that bloating feeling etc. All I can say is that I haven't looked back since. Flavia introduced Homepathy to me & what a difference it has made. Within around about 3/4 weeks I started noticing the difference. I can now sleep 6+ hours, the night sweats have stopped & as a whole I feel 100 times better. I found Flavia so warm & welcoming, someone I could trust & confide in. I will always be grateful for what she has done for me a true professional & a lovely lady who I would strongly recommend.

LMY - Female (53) - London/ UK
May 2018


I met Flavia on Skype because I wasn’t able to visit her consultation due to my tiny schedule. I was amazed by how comfortable Flavia made me feel in an internet consultation. Two days after my consultation I received my remedies and after two weeks I started feeling the results. I truly recommend Flavia, she is professional, honest, caring and supportive. Thank you Flavia for your kindness.

LP - Female (28) - London/ UK
October 2017

I had the good fortune to have met Flavia in 2014 when I would say I was at my lowest in terms of my health and my emotions. I had an overactive thyroid, fibroids, heavy periods, with pain both before and during the period, as well as night sweats. Within three months of starting homeopathic treatment, my sweats had stopped, I no longer needed to take my thyroid medication and my periods now came unannounced.
When I learnt Flavia was a Reiki master I started Reiki therapy. Flavia changed my life both physically and emotionally, I'm forever grateful. Professional, approachable, genuine, kind and caring.
Thank you Flavia!

AU - Female (39) - London/UK
April 2017


Flavia has treated me in the last 2 years, and she has helped me with my uncontrolled stress and my hormones. Presently, I'm in maintenance consultations which are each 3 months, and I don't have stress issues and irregular painful periods since the last year of treatment. I huge recommend her as a homeopath, she has changed my life for better. Thank you Flavia!

AR - Female (32) - London/UK
May 2016

I came to her consultation to try natural therapies because I had no hope left. I am still in treatment, and in the first month, I have already had amazing results. I will keep up with natural therapies because my hope is back, and I need to thank you Flavia for that.

RS - Female (44) - London/UK
January 2016


I used to have enormous worries about everything. After one year of treatment, I'm back to normal with no fears or worries without reason. With her, I have understood what is homeopathy and how it works, and I can affirm that homeopathy has worked for me. Thanks my favorite therapist.

FLB - Male (56) - Barcelona/Spain
November 2015

In 2014 I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was a hard time for me but I could not do better without Flavia. Her patience and generosity guided me through that hard moment. With homeopathy, she helped my emotional state to come back to normal. Every 3 or 4 months, my consultations are via Skype and it is very helpful for those who do not have much time. Thank you, Flavia.

LSP - Female (63) - Barcelona-Spain
July 2015

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